0.0.0 (Proof of concept)

General goal is to make the react frontend good enough so it can replace the currenbt bootstrap frontent used for bugs.


  • Reactive

    • Detail view, (use flex-display : columns @smaller screens)

    • Grid view, (USe reactive = true) with prime react compoennt

  • Grid View

    • Correctly rendered columns + fields.

    • Correct column widths

    • Hidden Columns are hidden

    • basic Pagination

  • Detail View

    • Quick Search

    • Improved CSS for unset data.

    • SlaveGrid

    • Display mode components for all elements

  • Navigation

    • Grid and slave summary elems have working ‘expand’ button.

    • mt + mk add into url patterns.

    • Detail elements which are FK should have link to to the detail view of the object

    • HTML links for navigation

    • FK links in grid view

    • Nav buttons in detail view (Next / Previous)

  • Site.About

  • Is hacked in action.render()

  • TopBar

    • Remove placeholder buttons from template.